We are The Forum

The Forum is a community hub for education, training, mentoring, and collaboration for non-profit professionals. The Forum was created to answer these questions:


What if… we established a community of service in Charlotte with a common language and understanding?

What if… all those working on the front lines in our community received support and training that would help them do their work even better?

What if… all agencies, regardless of size and resources, had access to the same quality training and support?

We believe the answer to these questions will change the nonprofit landscape in the city of Charlotte — for the good of everyone.

Our Vision

We envision a service community that is equipped and supported at all levels.

We recognize that it is those who are providing the day-to day care of our community’s most challenged populations that often need the most support. Whether you are housing case manager, a front desk worker, a resident assistant or counselor or social worker, you will find knowledge and support at The Forum.

Our Goals

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Goal 1:

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Our History

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Affordable & Accessible for All

We work hard to ensure that Forum offerings are accessible to all staff working in this community. Ready to enroll?

We want to hear from you!

We want to hear form you: Do you have an idea for a class that you and your team would like for us to offer? Do you know of a presenter that you would like to take a class from at The Forum? Or just have a general question or feedback?

Contact The Forum Director Barbara Thomas via email, or using this form. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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